“A hungry monkey will not dance.” (Turkish proverb) Neither will a child.   A child is the face of hunger in our nation, state and county.   Please remember the SOUPER BOWL OF CARING with distribution of flyers on Saturday, January 28, (begin at 10:00 with prayer at St. Matthew) and followed by collection the following week (February 4) beginning at 9:30.

“for I was hungry and you gave me food”     Matthew 25:35

We are compelled by our Faith to do our best.   Many hands are needed.   Please contact Natalie Rees Berry  if you are new and able to help, or cannot fulfill a role that you have had in the past. We especially need the young and “fleet of foot” to move from vehicles to doorsteps. Only Our Lord could multiply loaves and fishes but we can, at least, fill the shelves for a few months.

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