It is Holy Week

It is Holy Week. This is the time we focus on the path Jesus took to the cross for the salvation of the world, for the salvation of you and me.

During this week we will have two opportunities to join in worship. Maundy Thursday, the day of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples, we will worship at 7:00 p.m. A copy of the service will be sent by email and posted on the website for you to have so you may mark this day. For those on our email list, you will also receive an invitation to worship via Zoom. Whether on Zoom, or on your own, I invite you to watch and pray with Jesus in these hours before his sacrifice.

On Good Friday we will again worship at 7:00 p.m. A copy of the worship for Good Friday will also be sent by email and posted on the website, and an invitation to join in Zoom worship will be offered. Good Friday is the day we mark Jesus’ crucifixion, and in the midst of the worst the world could do to him, he was willing to give his life that we might live. It is a day when we recognize that there is nothing God won’t do for those whom he made and loves.

Zoom has been working well for us in this time of separation and home stays. It is not exactly like being in the same room, but there is something very powerful about being able to see and hear from each other. I find it more helpful than just hearing you. Seeing your faces helps with the sense of community we are missing. Seeing your faces helps give a picture of how you are holding up in this time.

If there is someone you know who is not on our email list, but would like to be, please reach out to Janice or me so we can add them. We are happy to send the invitation to all of our families and friends.

Easter Sunday we will have two opportunities for worship: 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. We are offering two times because of the strong response we have been receiving, and we want to be sure you can join in if you would like. Zoom allows for 100 devices to be connected at a time, and on Palm Sunday we had 71! If you log in at 9:00 and find the “room” is full, please return for the 11:00 service. It will be the same service at each time, and again, will be shared by email and on the website.

It has been a real pleasure to be able to worship along with the people of Grace, Broomall, where Pastor Leslie serves. It allows us to recognize the body of Christ is broader than just Springfield, and gives us the chance to see, hear from, pray with, and support these brothers and sisters. When worshiping on-line we are all together, whether we are in town, or up the road. Please be sure to welcome these friends in our worship and “coffee hour” time.

I pray that you are staying safe and well. I look forward to journeying through this week with you. Please look for the service and the invitation tomorrow, Friday, and Sunday, as we tell again the miraculous story of Jesus bringing life from death!

Blessed Holy Week,
Pastor Karl

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