Midweek Worship March 18th

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The link just below this paragraph is an attachment for worship in this midweek. There are songs with YouTube links included if this aids your worship. If you are with more than yourself, I recommend sharing the leader parts, and all respond with the bold parts. At the time of the reflection, please share your thoughts with each other.


I hope this is helpful for you as we journey through all we are experiencing at this time.

A NOTE about our BUILDING:
Please note that the building is closed until further notice. Ted, our sexton, is doing a deep cleaning, and any person that comes in, even “just to get one thing,” makes his efforts ineffective. If you have a key, please do not use it until we are “back in session.” We are trying very hard to make it a safe space when we return. Ted, and I, thank you very much!

I am, as always, grateful for your partnership in this ministry!
Stay safe, stay home (as you can), and wash your hands!

Pastor Karl

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