Midweek Worship – March 25th

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

If you received my previous email “Pray at Noon Today” in time, were you able to pray the Our Father at noon? Did you feel a connection to the broader body of Christ? It was a surprisingly emotional experience for me.

If you did not receive the email in time, please do not despair. You may pray it on the stroke of any hour today, as it is always turning noon somewhere. Your praying the Lord’s Prayer at that time will still be joining your prayer with the saints of every time (zone) and every place, uniting your prayers with the ceaseless petitions of our great High Priest, Jesus Christ.

Below is the link for our midweek worship and reflection. As always, if you are with others, divide the parts, and share in the reflection. There is a hymn printed within that you may sing if you know the tune (a good Luther hymn!), and there is a link to a song toward the end that may be meaningful to you if you are able to open it.


May God continue to bless you and keep you safe,

Pastor Karl

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