Aug 1st – Thank You, Worship Video

Good afternoon, Church,

Thank you again for your generosity!  We had another large car full of food donated for the Food Bank today, and we also had many items given for the School Supply Drive.  Giving from what you have helps those who, in this time, do not have enough.  What a wonderful way out the generosity in the story in Acts, where the early church shared from what they had so no one had too much, and no one had too little.  Well done, good and faithful servants!

We did just fine with worship in the Courtyard today, finishing worship just before the rain started.  There was also a nice gathering in the Zoom service.  For those not present for worship today, here is the video link for the 10:00 Zoom service:

May you feel the power of Jesus’ love as you move through this week, and may you be supported in that love until we gather with Jesus and each other again next Sunday!
Pastor Karl Richard

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