February 20th Worship

Good afternoon, Church,

Here is the latest in the Souper Bowl of Caring tally:
We received more gifts on Saturday, amounting to an extra $200.
Our total through St. Matthew is 11,845!  
The over-all total so far, not finalized, is over 51,000 units, a new record for our community effort.
Thanks be to God!

I am likely to miss many, but I want to thank Sharon McKee for being our liaison to the SBOC team, and Sharon, Natalie Rees-Berry and Carol Penjuke for leading our counting teams. 
And I am grateful to those who packed the truck yesterday:  Joe Regan, Ernie Telgheider, JR Wesley, Dave Russell, Kim Cobb, Anna Kinder, Kathy Kinder, Gina Milana, and Doug Milana, as well as two neighbors, Dan and Cole.  We loaded in record time: 1 hour!

10,800 food items weighed in at 8,563 pounds of food.  May it be a blessing to those who need it.

For those unable to join in worship today, here is the link to the recording of the 10:15 service.

May the peace of Christ be with you all, 
Pastor Karl Richard

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