November 19th Worship

Good evening, Church,

Many thanks to Frankie Savage for her Stewardship Moment today.  I am grateful for the wonderful way in which she expresses her love of serving the Lord, and how inspiring her sharing is!
For those who did not hear her, a link to a recording of the 10:15 service is available here:

We continue to receive pledges of financial support for the coming year.  If you were not able to place your card in the offering plate today you may mail it to the church, or bring it with you next Sunday.  Statements of intent are welcome at any time, but we are hoping to bring our Financial Response Appeal to completion by next Sunday.

The Springfield Ministerium’s Community Thanksgiving Service is Wednesday, 7:00 p.m., at Covenant Methodist Church.

May you continue to be blessed, as you are a blessing.
Pastor Karl Richard

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